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Aluminum Waterproof Box

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This aluminum container is perfect for storing screws, parts, and other small items that tend to get scattered around or small gear that you want to take outdoors.
It is both lightweight and sturdy enough to be used by army's special paratroopers.

The lid has a removable silicone gasket so it could be air tight.  
When the lid is removed, it can be used as a pot for simple cooking or boiling water for camping. It's a food safe container. 

Dimension: (L)5.1" x (W)3.7" x (H)1.2"
Volume: 250ml / 1 cup 
Weight: 3.5oz
Material: Aluminium and Silicone

Made in China

Please note that there may be minor scratches, scuffs and dents due to the characteristics of the product.