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A T-shirt with a mackerel fish saba graphic by PAPERSKY.  

PAPERSKY brings inflight magazines onto the ground and beyond, promoting traveling, revealing treasured cultures of Japan while collaborating with a variety of designers to produce original goods for adventures outdoors and within. The T-shirts are part of the "Kaido-T" project, where PAPARSKY travelor B.B. Lucas journeys through Japan’s highways (kaido’s) that contain long and important history.

Mackerel or saba was delivered to Kyoto from the Japan Sea via the Saba Kaido (Mackerel Highway) – a 75km/47mile route connecting Kyoto with the port of Obama. Carriers would leave Obama in the late evening and arrive in Kyoto at the Demachiyanagi Market at dawn the next day. To commemorate this old Japanese highway, PAPARSKY asked the design team O/S/C to help design a Saba Kaido T-shirt, or simply a Saba-T.

Material: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: (Length) / (Width) 

S: (L) 25.6" / (W) 17.9” 
M: (L) 27" / (W) 20
L: (L) 28.3" / (W) 21"