BEST SELLER - Hard Shell Cases (NÄHE)

BEST SELLER - Hard Shell Cases (NÄHE)

HARD SHELL CASE by Nähe / Contents Encased Safe & Snug

The exterior of the shock-resistant case is made of polycarbonate, lightweight and sleek yet surprisingly durable. With lots of pockets and plenty of cushioning in the interior, the case is fit for storing electronic gadgets and accessories that needs protection from moisture or dust. Bold color and streamlined design makes the case handsome to carry on its own or leave on your desktop.


hightide hard shell case by nahe in green, large size on desktop

Made of material often used for suitcases and echoing its design, the case holds a certain charm of a “mini-suitcase.”


hightide hard shell case nahe collection  in small size 6 colors

Available in 6 bold colors.


size comparison for hightide hard shell case by nahe in small, large and laptop size

Size comparison. The large case ($30) is about twice as big as the small case ($20). The new laptop case ($48) is bigger than twice the size of the large, as it is designed to fit a 13-inch laptop.


The grooves on its body makes it easy to grab, no matter the size of the case.


hightide hard shell case by nahe, in large, used outdoors

Take your hard shell case wherever you go - its simple design and portability means flexible use indoors or out.


hightide hard shell case by nahe in small

The small size is perfect for storing gadgets like a mobile router, a PC battery or a compact digital camera, with multiple pockets to organize cables and additional accessories.

 hard shell case in large

The large size is fit for storing more devices such as a mobile router, PC battery and adapters, a mouse, cables and earphones, donning special pockets for memory cards. Organize bits and pieces of your daily-used gadgets all in one place!


nahe hard shell case in laptop size

New Size - LAPTOP CASE - now available!


hard shell laptop case by nahe

The Laptop size has been designed to snugly fit a 13-inch wide laptop. Six mesh pockets provide ample space to neatly stow accompanying accessories such as cables or batteries, adaptors or hard drives, as well as a tablet. You can use it as a designated place to store your extra PC right, next to where you work from home.

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