BEST SELLER - Storage Caddy (PENCO)

BEST SELLER - Storage Caddy (PENCO)


a large orange penco storage caddy by hightide


Storage Caddy by Penco is an open tray container with a handle that can quickly (not to mention aesthetically) store and organize small-to-medium items in various environments. Divided into 4 sections, a single caddy can collect items into a neat bundle, for easy access. Rearrange clutter and/or frequently used items such as stationery goods and craft tools, remote controls, glasses, cosmetics and toiletries. Set the caddy at one place to put your wallet, mask and keys in the usual “to-go” corner.

The popularity of Storage Caddy is in its versatility and ease of use. They are stackable, and available in the same material and variety of colors as the popular Storage Container Set, Storage Container (XS), Storage Container Pen Case, and Pile-Up Caddy. The simple design will easily fit any space, if not bring a pop of added color and retro feel to spruce up and brighten your room of choice.


orange large penco storage caddy by hightide

Inspired by the traditional open tool box with a handle, Penco Storage Caddy is designed with handy nooks, in just the right sizes to organize items on your desktop.

penco storage caddy in large on desktop by hightide

Use it to organize bits and pieces that tend to clutter your desk or other surfaces, as a designated place to grab (and then hide) frequently used items.

Because you can grab the whole set of items at once when you need them, no clutter is left behind. Here are some ideas for use in various rooms:

  • Entryway for shoe-care items
  • Closet for first aid and medications
  • Kids' Room for small toys and craft materials 
  • Craft Room for art supplies or sewing kits 
  • Bedroom for books and glasses by the nightstand
  • Bathroom for toiletry bottles, brushes and razors

You can even take it outside for picnics and camping, as it is made of tough plastic, with an easy-to-grab handle.

Besides its label sticker, the caddy itself is waterproof, so you can leave it by your bathtub for toiletries and cosmetics.

Available in an array of colors, and stackable if you own several.

Storage Caddy, available in Small ($12) and Large ($18) is suitable for frequently-used items. You can easily mix and match them with others from Penco Container Collection, available in the same color palette and material.

The small storage caddy is about half the width of the large, and comes handy in various locations, the outdoors for one.

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