hightide cargo bag for outdoor camping and picnic


A multi-purpose carry bag, seemingly common but rare

Hightide original Cargo Bags are sturdy tote bags for carrying all kinds of tools and supplies. The coated polyester fabric is made to withstand wear and tear, equipped with a frame in the seams enabling it to stand on its own. Perfect for traveling with it outdoors, as the bag rolls up conveniently into a compact shape when not in use.

As its printed name implies, the cargo bag has a high capacity storage space for a variety of contents and settings. Aside from the obvious outdoors, it can be used as a laundry bag, travel tote, pet carrier, container for paper goods and magazines, toy storage, gym or sports equipment bag, car trunk organizer, planter...

At our DTLA location, they are popular among those who work in film production. Ah, all the places you can go with this car-go! What’s more, we have 3 convenient sizes available to fit your various needs.

hightide cargo bag outdoors in large black

Cargo Bag/ L may appear to be of substantial size, yet it can easily be carried over your shoulder by its sturdy handles.

hightide cargo bag in small

Throw in goods for camping or BBQ. You can transport oddly shaped contents even when they stick out, thanks to the slightly long handles. You can see above how the smallest size Cargo Bag/ S can hold a lot of contents steadily in an upright position.

hightide cargo bag in khaki, size large

Indoors, Cargo Bag can act as a stylish storage container for its utilitarian design that doesn’t scream duffle bag or camera equipment bag. Above, Cargo Bag/ M is used as a toy storage. You can collect clutter as you move around the house, and take the whole thing to go when time calls. 

hightide cargo bag in black medium, rolled up

The bag rolls up into a compact size, when attached by a velcro strap on the center opening. Stash a couple of them in your car trunk for when they come in handy.

hightide cargo bags in 3 sizes and colors used for sports equipment, camping and outdoor gears

3 sizes and 3 colors available to meet your style and needs.

hightide cargo bag yellow in large size in a car trunk

Perfect for storing them in a vehicle, for transporting items indoors to outdoors and vice versa.

hightide cargo bag in khaki, large size used to store logs at a camping site

Cargo Bag/ L: (W)22.0" x (H)13.8" x (D)11.8”
Cargo Bag/ M: (W)21.0" x (H)9.8" x (D)9.8” 
Cargo Bag/ S: (W)16.0" x (H)8.3" x (D)9.4”

Folded: (Ø)2.6”–3.8” (L)16.3”–22.4"

Check out our entire collection of Cargo Bags with the new addition of the insulated Cooler Cargo Bags here.


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