hightide cooler cago thermal bag in large size at an outdoor picnic scene

NEW - Cooler Cargo Bag (HIGHTIDE)

Insulated Thermal Bags for every day and outdoors

For the weekend outdoor adventures or taking lunchbox into your office, Hightide original Cooler Cargo Bag springs from the same utilitarian line as the popular Cargo Bag

Available in 3 sizes, with a minimalist design and muted color palette that fits any scene. The photo above is Cooler Cooler Bag/ L, which can fit 9 standard-sized beverage bottles of 0.5 gallon (2L). The handle length can be adjusted solely for this size. Take it to camping, beach trips, sports games or grocery shopping. The fabric bag folds flat so it can be compactly stored inside a car trunk when not in use.

hightide cooler cargo bag size small in beige as a lunchbox carrier

Cooler Cargo Bag/ S is just the right size to fit your lunchbox and drink. One bag can contain 6 standard-sized beverage cans of 12oz (350ml). 

hightide cargo cooler bag size medium as a grocery thermal bag

Cooler Cargo Bag/ M is useful for daily grocery shopping. The bag is large enough to hold 12 standard-sized beverage bottles of 16.9oz (500ml). Collapse and store it inside a backpack or a larger tote bag when not in use. 

hightide collapsible febric cooler cargo bag in beige with handles and zipper closure

The outside is sturdy polyester while the interior is lined with an insulation material. Easy to open and close with a finger using the zipper pull cords. We recommend using ice or cold packs for storing refrigerated or frozen food items for long periods of time. 

hightide cooler cargo bags in size small, medium and large in khaki, beige and black

3 sizes available in S/M/L. 3 colors in Black/Beige/Khaki.

8.8lb Max Load / Fits 6 - 12oz cans
(W)7.9" x (H)1.6” x  (D)7.9” (Packaged)
(W)7.9" x (H)5.9” x  (D)5.5” (Cooler Bag)

24 lb Max Load / Fits 12 - 16.9oz bottles
(W)11.8" x (H)2” x  (D)9” (Packaged)
(W)10.6" x (H)7.9” x  (D)7.9” (Cooler Bag)

57lb Max Load / Fits 9 - 0.5 gallon bottles 
(W)18.5" x (H)2.8” x  (D)11.8” (Packaged)
(W)17.7" x (H)12.2” x  (D)11” (Cooler Bag)

Check out our entire collection of Cargo Bags with this new addition of the insulated Cooler Cargo Bags here.

cargo bag by hightide in small medium and large containing sports equipment and outdoor camping gears

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