STAFF FAVES - Family Helpers

STAFF FAVES - Family Helpers

Introducing a few of our staple items raved by the Hightide staff.
Here is a round up of items that families appreciate using.


 pulp box by re-standard

pulp box by re-standard

Pulp Box is a stackable lidded storage from Re-Standard, our collection of eco-friendly goods made of recycled paper. Storage made smart and looking smart.


 penco storage container in white with craft materials inside

Penco storage containers in beige

Penco Storage Container is made up of nested containers in 4 sizes. Fit them all in a single container when not in use. 



tarp bag round in grey at the park

 tarp bag round in various colors and sizes

Tarp Bag Round come light-weight yet durable, and best of all, waterproof. It folds up when not in use, so you can store a couple in your car or stroller.



nahe general purpose case for kid's crafts - origami nahe general purpose case in green 

General Purpose Case (Nähe) works well for storing pens and pencils, scissors, notepads, and... origami! Big helper for parents and kids alike to sort and store loose art supplies, then stick into a backpack, shelf, or carry it as is to go.


penco storage caddy in beige

Penco Storage Caddy filled with drawing and craft supplies can be carried around the house wherever your little artist may choose to create his next masterpiece.



Stay tuned for more Staff Favorites!


Written by Shizuka Kusayanagi of @newskoolmom 



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