BEST SELLER - General Purpose Case (NÄHE)

BEST SELLER - General Purpose Case (NÄHE)

general purpose case Nähe 5 size variants by hightide

As the name suggests, our General Purpose Cases come in many sizes and a rainbow array of colors, a signature of our umbrella brand nähe. Meaning "near" in German, nähe products are meant to serve you well whether you are at a desk or on the go, always by your side, .

Here is an overview and inspiration for various uses on General Purpose Cases, broken down into 5 functional sizes.


general purpose case nahe A4 size

general purpose case nahe by hightide in a4 size as a carry case

The largest of General Purpose Cases, the A4 size acts as an one-case-fit-all carry case or a travel organizer. If you want to carry your documents for work, B6 size planner, notebooks, pens, pencils... AND a cell phone all in one place, this is for you.

The back insert is perfect for loose leaf filing, and you'd be surprised how much the case can carry thanks to its wide gusset. Like the rest of the cases, it's easy to find what's inside from its clear front, and you can even nest smaller General Purpose Cases inside it.


nahe general purpose case by hightide in a5 size yellow

nahe general purpose case by hightide in a5 size green

The second largest, A5 size, is perfect for gathering desktop items (and/or clutter!) quickly. The case can surprisingly pack a lot of punch, like an A6 size planner or notebook, snugly in its inside pockets, PLUS writing tools and accessaries alongside them.

The versatile gusseted case can also stay slim and compact when you don't have a lot to carry. Once again, with the contents stuffed or lean, it's easy to see what's inside from its clear front. Use the insert at the back for documents that needs a speedy or frequent ins & outs.

 general purpose case a6 size

nahe general purpose case a6 size by hightide 3 colors

nahe general purpose case by hightide as a mask case

The A5 size General Purpose Case is perfect for storing small notebooks, memos, post cards and index cards along with pens and pencils to convert into a creative kit. Because the content is see-through and there is a slit on its back, take advantage of this case to quickly store and grab items of frequent daily use. 

Of course you can put your stationery items neatly into its compartment pockets, but the A5 is also just the right size for carrying your individually-packed disposable masks. The gusset at the bottom allows for slightly thicker objects as well, like erasers, keys, tape measures, lip balm... any small item that can use an organized home.


nähe general purpose case by hightide in red, wide size

nähe general purpose case by hightide in wide size in ivory with planner and foolscap notebook

The Wide size General Purpose Case is an original soft pen case designed to fit the needs of those who love stationery. The wide gusset allows for not just pens and pencils but rulers, scissors, glue sticks, washi tape, and various small desktop items to stay snugly into one place. 

Even if you have stuffed a whole lotta pens, it's easy to pick out the right one, thanks to its original clear PVC front. There are also pockets on the inside just the right size to fit cards, or little stickers or paper clips that need sorting. The slit pocket on the back is convenient to store items that can use quick access.


nähe general purpose case by hightide in a7 size 4 colors

nähe general purpose case by hightide in a7 size turquoise as a wallet

The smallest but no less mightiest of them all is General Purpose Case in A7 size. Because it is made larger than standard business card cases, and thanks to its gusset, the A7 size serves multiple purposes. Not only can it carry cards, receipts and tickets, but anything that might fall in the bottom of your bag may be rescued! 

Use it as a wallet, a first-aid kit, a candy/gum pouch, cables or tangly-thing storage, a stamp kit, sticky note pad holder... to scoop up and find easily all the trinkets you collect on your adventure.


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