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2024 Weekly Planner Nähe B6 Slim Vertical

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A simple cover design with a clean and slim look with the staple Nähe graphics. The embossing on the back cover is specially tailored only for Nähe. The paper is matte finish and the planner comes in 6 colors. 

Contains both monthly/weekly sections. Comes with a marker flap, pen insert, bookmark, and a corner pocket.

Dimension: (W)4.6” x (H)7.6” x (D)0.5"
Period: (Weekly) November 27 2023 - January 5 2025 (Monthly) December 2023 - December 2024
Page: 176

Content: Calendar, Annual Schedule, Monthly Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Extra Lined Pages, Personal Data, and Index Tab Stickers.

Nähe collection is also available in A5 Vertical WeeklyB6 Vertical Weekly, Square Monthly

Refill available in 
NQZ Type.