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Letter Pad L321 / Portrait/ Cream (LIFE)

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A ruled portrait letter pad in A5 size by LIFE with the brand's original "L-writing paper" in white color. Each page is adorned by a vintage frame design.

"L-writing paper" created by LIFE is an archival paper of superior fiber uniformity, buttery smooth and providing the most pleasant traction experience. The paper resists ink feathering or bleed-throughs, and is fit for any writing instrument including fountain pens. The paper's uniformity in texture serves a dual purpose of glare reduction, making it easy on the eyes.  

Dimension: (W)8.3" x (H)5.8" 
Pages: 30 Sheets / 12 Rules spaced 10mm

Also available:
- Portrait/ White
- Landscape/ White, Cream

Suitable with:
- Envelope Set/ White, Cream, Off White


LIFE is a Japanese stationery maker originated in 1949, known for their superior quality paper goods skillfully crafted in downtown Tokyo.