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Aluminum Rollerball Pen (KAKIMORI)

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A rollerball pen that can be used with fountain pen inks by Kakimori.

The seemingly-simple pen with a textured matte black body brings a superior writing experience of smooth ink flow. Easy to use for those intimidated to write with a fountain pen, but would like the option of having a special pen that can have different colored inks.

Each pen set comes with a comfortable, rounded aluminum pen barrel, stainless steel rollerball nib, converter, and cap. Pleas note that the cap does not fit the tail of the pen as the pen is designed for optimal writing balance with the cap removed.

Use the converter to draw up your favorite fountain pen ink, push the converter into the nib, and after less than five minutes, your rollerball pen/fountain pen hybrid is ready to write with.  The ballpoint pen is replaceable with a G2 type refill.

Comes handsomely packaged in a paper box. Also available as a ballpoint or fountain pen.

Dimensions: (L)5.2” x  (Ø)0.4”
Tip: 0.5mm
* Ink not included; Kakimori inks are sold separately.

Use & Care Guide from Kakimori:

  • Daily use is recommended to prevent the ink from drying out. The nib may become blocked after a period of no use.
  • Designed especially for use with Kakimori and Inkstand pigment inks.
  • A blocked nib should be replaced. 
  • Avoid contact with ink cleaning solutions to prevent damage to the aluminium body.
  • Handle the cap with care when removing or replacing.
  • When traveling by air, we recommend filling with ink upon arrival to prevent leakage during your journey.
  • The pen is designed for optimal writing balance with the cap removed. The cap does not fit the tail of the pen.

Kakimori is a company in downtown Tokyo renowned for its brand ethos of bringing joy that comes from writing by hand. The stationery creator makes writing instruments and surfaces with meticulous attention to detail, using sustainable production processes often replying on the skills of artisans and craftsmen across Japan.