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Around the World Pants (PAPERSKY)

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A quick drying jean-like sweat pants by PAPERSKY.  

PAPERSKY brings inflight magazines onto the ground and beyond, promoting traveling, revealing treasured cultures of Japan while collaborating with a variety of designers to produce original goods for adventures outdoors and within. 

"Around the World Pants" is a collaboration between PAPERSKY and ALL YOURS, a renowned brand of jeans from Tokyo. The pants look like jeans but have a relaxed fit like sweat pants, with an adjustable elastic waistband and large pockets. 

As they are made for adventures, the pants fabric wicks moisture, convenient for hiking or cycling under the rain. Once washed and wrung, the 100% polyester fabric can air dry within 3 hours. A black reflective tag on the back gives you an extra protection while riding in the dark without compromising your style.


Sizing (Unisex):

Waist: (elastic and adjustable)

S  28.3”
M 29.9"
L 31.5"

S 39.8"
M 41.3"
L 43.3"

S 10.4"
M 10.8"
L 11"

S 30.7"
M 30.7"
L 30.7”

Material: 100% Polyester
Made in Japan.