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AZUMA Bag Duo Tone / L

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A lightweight bag made of nylon with cotton handles and an outer pocket. Can be used as a shoulder bag with the TASUKI strap extension

Dimension: (W)25.6" x (H)29.5"

Also available:
- AZUMA Bag/ L/ Plain
- AZUMA Bag/ S
- AZUMA Bag/ S/ Plain
- TASUKI (Shoulder strap extension / a small purse) 
- TASUKI/ Plain

Made in Japan.

Azuma bukuro (Azuma bags) first appeared during the Edo period (1603-1868) for wrapping and carrying objects. Keeping its traditional designs, AZUMA has added functional details for everyday use. It is made of durable nylon which repels water and cotton handles for comfort. All sourcing of material and production is done by skilled craftsmen in Japan.