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BABA SUISHABA Watermill's Incense 30g x 3

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Yame, Fukuoka prefecture is known for its cedar forest for hundreds of years. So the incense production utilizing the cedar leaves became very popular. During its peak, more than 40 watermills were supplying cedar leaves dust to incense makers all over Japan.

Baba Suishaba Watermill, founded in 1918, has spent the last 100 years perfecting its technique in which they use a waterwheel to grind cedar leaves into a dust and produce 100% naturally sourced incense without any chemical additives. 

While a lot of "made in Japan" incense is made with only little amount of domestic ingredients and the most untraceable materials, Baba Suishaba incence is a rarity and still uses locally sourced materials. 

Used as incense or to repel mosquitos
Contents: 3 bundles of 30g incense  / about 60-70 incense sticks per bundle

Also available: Single 30g box