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Bamboo Incense Stick (APFR)

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These artisanal incense sticks are crafted in a small batch at a Chiba workshop in Japan. Inspired by the German apothecary culture, APFR prepares their incense sticks with medicinal herbs and natural raw ingredients, taking an aromatherapeutic approach. 

APFR was founded in 2011. The brand ethos is to be like a modern-day neighborhood pharmacy, "prescribing" people high quality fragrance and incense. 

25 incense sticks 
Each stick burns approx. 100min. 
Photos: APFR 

Scent Notes
- Black Oud: Woody 
- The Quiet Light: Water Floral
- 24K Rose: Floral Green 
- Fig: Fruity Green
- Magherb Bukhoor: Woody
- Oak Moss & Amber: Aromatic Fougere
- Teakwood: Woody Leather
- Tobacco Cedar: Woody
- White Tea: Aromatic Green
- Burbs: Woody Green