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The BENSAN-F Loafer U-tip is the brand's first all-season model sandal. They are women's thermal sandals with toes covered for a cooler weather. This model is a hidden best-seller design in Japan over 40 years that has been indispensable for garden, bathroom, and as house slippers... They are known for their lightweight feel and comfort. 

Contemporary take on the Japanese "Bensan" slip-on PVC sandals by Bench

“Bensan” is a truncated word for benjyo-sandaru, literally meaning bathroom-sandals. They are typical indoor/outdoor slippers, widely used in the bathrooms of showa-era inns or bars; hospitals or schools. The common footwear quietly prizes in comfort, durability and anti-bacterial function.

Bench, a design brand that promotes goods made in Nara Prefecture of Japan, collaborated with Nishibe Chemical of Nara, a renowned maker of high quality toilet sandals with 40 years of history. Now made fashionably available in various styles and color palettes, the retro bathroom footwear has been elevated to walk on the runway.

Made in Japan.


Sizing: CM / US Women’s / US Men's

S:  23.5 / 6.5 / 5
M:  24.5 / 7.5 / 6
L:  26.0 / 9 / 7.5
XL: 27.0 / 10 / 8.5
3L: 28.0 / 11 / 9.5

* Sizing is approximate and the fit may vary depending on the shape of your feet. The sandals run on the wider side.

Read our JOURNAL page to learn more about these unique footwear.