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Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser Replacement

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These replacement erasers are designed to be used with the Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser and Holder.

Each eraser is made of a specialized soft material that erases the dark lines of our graphite cleanly and easily. Use them with our durable aluminum holder that lets you get a solid grip while erasing. The jumbo-sized Blackwing clip also lets you extend the eraser as you use it.

* Please note, this replacement does not come with a holder. 

About Blackwing

Since 1930's, the Blackwing pencils had some serious cult followings by many creators, including John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones to name a few.
After it was discontinued, due to a popular demand, the fans would pay $40 and more on eBay! 
In 2010, the Blackwing 602s with the iconic rectangle eraser were brought back and it has been popular ever since.