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Bucket Bag 7L - Red Line (BAILER)

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This linen bucket bag is a collaborative product of Classiky and 3sun. It is woven in Kurashiki where it produces 70% of all canvas in Japan. 
This is a 7L Bucket bag with a red line and a shoulder length strap. This bag would be useful as a purse, it has a longer strap so you could carry on your shoulder. If you like the 4L but wanted to carry as a shoulder purse, then this is for you. 

A single old-style shuttle loom  can weave only about 50 meters (about 55 yards) in a full eight-hour day, which creates this unique texture of the tightly hand woven feel to the textile. Additionally, the linen yarn is made by Safiran, a leading European linen spinning company founded in 1778. The linen canvas is woven slowly and densely on a traditional shuttle power loom using high quality French linen yarns from Northern France, one of the world's leading producers of flux linen. 

Traditionally, Bailer bags were used as buckets, pumping out water from the bottom of a ship for firefighting. This type of canvas bags are very durable and won’t deteriorate easily under adverse conditions like plastic. This bucket bag is sewn and constructed from the maker where they still manufacture the actual Bailer bags for ships. 

This cylindrical bucket bag is designed to bring the ease of use of canvas buckets, which have been used on ships for centuries, to everyday life. It is resistant to water and dirt, lightweight, easy to carry, and durable.

It can be used also as a practical item for daily life, such as a laundry bag or storage, since it stands on its own. The hardness caused by the paraffin wax finish will gradually soften and develop a unique texture over time with continued use.

Dimension: φ7.5" x (H)9.5"  / Strap Length: 16"
100% Linen 
Made in Japan

Also available in 4L size
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How to care this item

This product has been treated with paraffin wax. Please note that wrinkles that look like cracks in white are not uneven in color, but are the wrinkles of paraffin. Please iron it with a cloth on top to make it less noticeable.

In order to keep the paraffin finish to last for a long time, please do not wash it as much as possible. For stains that are bothering you, we recommend partial washing such as scrubbing with a brush, or hand washing by pressing. Please shape it and hang dry in the shade.

You may wash it vigorously with soap and a scrub brush and hang it in the sun if you do not wish to have the paraffin finish. It will develop a soft texture with age and use.