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Bucket Bag 8L / BAILER

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This is a 8L bucket type that can hold A4/letter sized items with a pocket inside, and can be hung on the shoulder. 

Produced in a factory that manufactures fabric buckets for ships, this bag is lightweight, durable, and resilient to water and stains. The more you use it, the more it develops a unique and stylish charm.

Traditionally, Bailer bags were used as buckets, pumping out water from the bottom of a ship for firefighting. This type of canvas bags are very durable and won’t deteriorate easily under adverse conditions like plastic. This bucket bag is sewn and constructed from the maker where they still manufacture the actual Bailer bags for ships. 

 × (L)6.30× (H)12.60
100% Cotton
Made in Japan

Also available in 15L / 25L 2 Way / 45L 2 Way