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Card Set -Triangle Window Set of 3 (drop around)

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This is a set of 3 letters and envelopes with a triangle window. 

Just like a nicely designed house with unique and attractive window shapes, it would be so fun if envelopes had nice windows as well. This "Sankaku mado" envelope set has a "triangle window" on each envelope. Inside of each envelope, there is a letter note with geometric patterns so depending on how you fold the letter, the graphic seen through the circle window changes! You could enjoy 9 different combinations from a set. 

Envelope Size: (W)8.85" x (H)4" 
Letter Size: (W)8.25" x (H)11.5"
Made in Japan

Designed by drop around.  
Based in Toyako, Hokkaido. They design paper goods and the original work wear.