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CDW Bullet Carabiner Key Ring

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This is a bullet motif carabiner by CANDY DESIGN&WORKS (CDW). It's a heavy weight is carved out the raw material, nickel and brass. 
The more you use it, the darker the color of brass becomes, and you can enjoy the change over time. The opening and closing parts are spring-loaded and can be easily attached and detached.
This item comes in a box and is recommended as a gift.
Dimension: (W)2.5" x (H)0.5" x (D)1" 
Made in Japan

Candy Design & Works reinvents products inspired by the manufacturing techniques and product specs from the 1920s-60s. The name “Candy” originates from the album title of Lee Morgan, a jazz trumpeter beloved by the founder Jiro Kawamoto. Studying the old specs down to its minute detail, the design company strives to revive products that hold a slightly imperfect quality with charm, nostalgic of the days before mass production became the norm.