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Low Basket/ Camo (MOONSTAR)

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Shoes Return PolicyHigh quality, breathable canvas shoes with the original Kurume weave by Moonstar. 

Kurume supplies all of the materials used in the production of the shoes, from the rubber sole to the top cloth. Furthermore, the top cloth is made using a traditional weaving technique known as Kurume gasuri. This weaving procedure necessitates the expertise of local craftsmen; it takes two months to weave just 13 yards of fabric.

The rubber sole has been "vulcanized," as pottery is baked in the kiln at high heat. The process allows the rubber to be durable yet flexible, to conform to your feet and last a long time.

US size (Unisex): 4–12
*Women's US size 5=Unisex 3 etc.

*Tends to run big, please select a size down if you wear a half-size. 

European size: 36–46

Crafted in Kurume, Japan, Moonstar comes from the manufacturer Tsukihoshi shoes, a pioneer in the making of rubber "Jikatabi" since 1873.