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Croquis Sketchbook/ Square (MARUMAN)

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A square sketchbook with a semi-hard cover encasing premium-quality pages by Maruman.

The original sketchbook by Maruman was developed in 1970 as a sketchbook not just for fine artists but also for designers and illustrators. The Kraft paper cover is strong enough to protect the pages but also light and flexible enough to travel with ease. The quality paper inside is made in Japan, and comes in white or cream with different weights. Both styles of sketchbook come with slightly textured paper that grips the graphite or ink well.

The geometric logo on the cover with blue or pink circles indicates the different page types inside. The two color dots also mark the spine of the sketchbook, which is bound with a special S-coil binding that doesn’t bend or snag onto things while traveling. 

The croquis sketchbook works well for sketching with pencils, writing or drawing with a fountain pen, or recording travels and events using a mixture of media such as colored pencils and markers.

Dimensions: (W)7.2" x (H)6.5" x (D)0.4"

Blue cover
Pages: 100 sheets / 53gsm roughly textured vellum-like white paper

Pink cover
Pages: 80 sheets / 60gsm feather-weight cream paper with soft grid

Made in Japan.