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Drafting Pencil (PENCO)

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A compact aluminum mechanical pencil inspired by a technical drawing pen by Penco.

Minimal sophistication meets reliable quality, the "drafting" pencil is made in Japan to benefit a wide audience, not to mention engineers and architects. Donning a hexagonal aluminum body with engraved crosshatch on its lower barrel, the pencil provides a light yet firm grip, and does not roll around the surface when not in use.

The small yet mighty mechanical pencil fits snugly in your pocket. The needlepoint tip pushes out 0.5mm lead in HB, providing precision in drafting, drawing or writing. Comes encased in a kraft paper box, making gift-giving an ease.

Made in Japan.

Dimension: (Ø)0.4" x (H)4.2"
Lead: 0.5mm HB 
Refill: 0.5mm lead 

Also available: Drafting Ballpoint Pen