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Elemense Incense 20 long sticks

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Elemense is a new incense collection from Nippon Kodo. Under a creative direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto, Tortoise General Store owner, Elemense incense presents a modern take of incense experience with five different scents. 

The five fragrances are inspired by the ancient Chinese Philosophy of "Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water" so called Five Elements Theory. Believing that all matters in the universe is consisted of the five elements. 

Fragrance Notes: 

- Byakudan: Sandalwood

Nippon Kodo, one of the leading incense makers in Japan, had its roots back to 1575. The artisanal incense maker, known as Koju in Japanese, Jyuemon Takai was providing rare special incense for the Japanese emperor and the court.

Enjoy for meditation, relaxation and aromatherapy.

  • Includes 20 sticks
  • Burn time: approximately 150 minutes
  • Box: (W)1.3” x (H)13.7” x (D)1”