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Erlenmeyer Flask (HARIO)

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A chemistry flask of various capacities from HARIO, a renowned Japanese maker of heat proof glass. Marked with milliliter graduation to measure liquid volume accurately.

The lab flask is of course food-safe and can be used as a vessel to hold water, coffee, tea, wine, beer etc. Its engineered spout makes it easy to pour liquid, minimizing the risk of spill.

Makes a unique flower vase or a prefect propagation vase to display the growth of plants.

Dimensions (Largest bottom diameter x Height / Smallest diameter or opening):

50ml: (Ø)2.1” x (H)3.2” / opening (Ø)0.8”
100ml: (Ø)2.6” x (H)4” / opening (Ø)0.9”
200ml: (Ø)3.1” x (H)1.0” / opening (Ø)1.1”
300ml: (Ø)3.5” x (H)5.8” / opening (Ø)1.3”
500ml: (Ø)4.3” x (H)6.7” / opening (Ø)1.5”
1000ml: (Ø)5.3” x (H)8.5” / opening (Ø)1.5”


HARIO has been the sole manufacturer of heat proof glass in Japan since 1921. The Tokyo company initially produced laboratory beakers, and has since expanded their product line gaining global reputation for coffee and tea vessels. HARIO is known for their quality glasswares made purely of natural materials, with careful attention to its usability as well as sustainability.