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Fog linen work / Brass Wire Shelf

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A small hand-finished brass shelf by Fog Linen Work, great for bathroom, kitchen, and more! 

Four screws are included, but it's important to know what material you are working with prior to installation. Ask your contractor or a hardware shop staff if you are unsure as you may need different screws. 

Please note: When installed properly, the brass wire shelf holds 0.5 kg/ 1 lb.
When installing into sheetrock, we recommend using drywall anchors. When installing into hard woods, pre-drill pilot holes for the brass screws and use a drill-driver that will allow you to limit the torque applied to the screw.

Dimensions: (W) 7.75" x (H)1.5" x (D)4"
Material: Brass
Made in India

Wipe clean, polish if necessary