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Multi-Color Folding Fan (Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten)

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By dyeing the "bone" ( structure ) in two different colors, a fan with three bright colors was born – the most colorful Sensu ( Folding Fan ) yet in our collection! Beat the heat with this fun colored fan. 

Made with Cotton Polyester, Bamboo & Polyester Tassel. Comes in a matching colored bag. 

Unfolded : H 8.3" W 14.5"
Folded : H 8.3" W 1"

About Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten 

Founded in 1585 in Omi Hachiman, Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten, which has been in business for about 400 years since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, is what we now call a "select store”.

As an Omi merchant, they carried only "good things" from all over Japan in Osaka and Edo (Tokyo).

Photo by Yudai Emmei