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Tablet Folding Fan (Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten)

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This Tablet folding fan is very light and flat, which is not really a common design structure as a folding fan, so it gives the modern look.

Simple & smart, you would not even notice it is a folding fan when it is closed. Designed to be easy to carry. Made with cotton polyester and bamboo.

Unfolded : H 7" W 12.5"
Folded : H 7" W 1"

About Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten

Founded in 1585 in Omi Hachiman, Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten, which has been in business for about 400 years since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, is what we now call a "select store”.

As an Omi merchant, they carried only "good things" from all over Japan in Osaka and Edo (Tokyo).

They now focus on folding fans, that match our modern lifestyle with the "good things" that still remain in Japan.

Photo by Yudai Emmei