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Folding Fan - Urushi (Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten)

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"Waki Urushi", a traditional fan technique from ancient times in which lacquer ( Urushi ) is applied to the folded part of the fan, is finished in modern and gorgeous colors.
One of the characteristics of this technique is the change in expression when the fan is open and when it is closed. It also serves to protect the folded part, which is prone to deterioration. Made with Paper and Bamboo. 

It comes with a paulownia wood box with the branded logo and a bag, making it a perfect gift.

Unfolded : H 8.8" W 15.7"
Folded : H 8.8" W 0.9"

Box: H 9.5" W 2" D 1.4"

About Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten 

Founded in 1585 in Omi Hachiman, Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten, which has been in business for about 400 years since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, is what we now call a "select store”.

As an Omi merchant, they carried only "good things" from all over Japan in Osaka and Edo (Tokyo).

Photo by Yudai Emmei