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Friction Hitch Mobile Phone Strap with Attachment

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This mobile phone strap is made with an outdoor rope, designed by Yeti Design.
The length of the strap can be adjusted by using the friction hitch, a knot used for raising and lowering luggage when climbing.

Not only it's great to carry your mobile phone, you can use it as a strap for keys, wallets, pouches, etc., using the attached ring and double hooks. This convenient item can be worn over thick outerwear. Includes a strap holder, flat ring, small ring, and double carabiner. This type of mobile phone carrier has gotten very popular in Japan. 

The cord is crafted in Japan by three generations of cord makers, using the Toray nylon, a tubular nylon woven in beautiful color schemes with a thick core material that is tightly packed to provide tension, firmness, and durability.
It is used in specialized fields such as outdoor activities, and is used for ultra-lightweight tent tension ropes.

Strap: (L) 57" longest 
Attachment parts: (H) 2.1" x (W) 0.6" x (D) 0.3" 

Made in Japan
Washable, hang dry