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Gym Ace / Moonstar School Line

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Introducing MOONSTAR SCHOOL LINE exclusively available for Hightide USA!
These “school shoes” are familiar to anyone who has ever gone to school in Japan. The Uwabaki shoes are indoor shoes worn inside the school. They have a slip-on design so that they are easy to put on & off and the color of toes is used to distinguish classes and grades. 

The Gym Ace style with laces are reminding all of us a pair of nostalgic sneakers from the 70s. These are rolled-soled gym shoes with excellent flexibility and durability. The two horizontal lines represent grade school colors. Available in 4 colors to choose from.

*Shoes size chart based on US Men's.

Size: 22.5cm – 29.0cm *fits true to size 
Width: 2E
Material: Synthetic fiber, synthetic leather (upper), synthetic rubber (sole)

Made in China