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Incense Cone / Earl of East

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Earl of East hand-shaped incense cones offer six different scents. If you love a ritual of burning an incense and experience the scent by lingering fragrance in the air, this is for you. The incense cone burns about 1/4 shorter time than an incense stick. 

  • Approximately 15 minutes burning time for each cone
  • 16 cones
  • Material: Macco powder, mixed with spring water turned into a paste and then shaped into the cones by hand
  • Recyclable tin packaging

Use: Light the tip of the incense cone with a flame until it catches, then blow out. Place upright using a heatproof incense holder.

    Atlas Cedar: Cedarwood, olive leaf, white musk
    Leather, tobacco leaf, amber
    Flower Power:
    Violet, peony, black tea
    Green House:
    Vine tomato, parsley seed, basil
    Jardin de la Lune:
    Tuberose, blackberry leaf, bergamot, cade
    Smoke & Musk:
    Green balsam fir, woodsmoke, patchouli 

    Also available by Earl of East: Air FreshenerCandle and Incense Stick

    Story of Earl of East
    Earl of East was founded by Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin in 2014, starting life as a market stall in East London, built from a love of home fragrance, and a desire to create something of their own.

    Since then Earl of East has grown to include three bricks and mortar stores in London, an online shop, and a line of home fragrance and bathing products that are made sustainably by a dedicated team in London.