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KAICO MARU Enamel Canister M (580ml)

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Stackable enamel canisters by kaico – all kaico products are designed by the renowned multidisciplinary designer, Makoto Koizumi. 

The enamel canister series was originally designed to fit Japanese lifestyle. A big part of traditional Japanese diet consists of many side dishes like vegetable pickles, marinated seaweed etc that go well with rice. These canisters with a tight-fitting silicon gasket for a secure seal would be perfect for storing food and be served straight away at your dining table. Because they're stackable, it also comes in handy to keep your spices, seasonings, personal care items... with their simple but sophisticated aesthetics, they fit anywhere at your home. 

Since it is made of enamel, it is hygienic and resistant to odors and stains, allowing you to store a variety of foods. They are made by the artisans in Tokyo. 

Dimensions: φ4.75" x (H)3.5" 
Capacity: 19oz 

Also available in S and L 

Not suitable for IH stove, stovetop, dishwasher, microwave and oven use
Handwash with a non-abrasive sponge and wipe dry