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Kakuno Fountain Pen/ Clear (PILOT)

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A simple fountain pen with a clear body by Pilot. 

The nib comes in silver stainless steel, with options for extra fine, fine, or medium tip. The hexagonal barrel in clear does not roll around the desk, and lets you see the inner workings of the pen. Comes with a replaceable ink cartridge with black ink. 

Perfect for beginner calligraphers, from kids to adults. The ergonomic grip and friendly smiley face welcomes all, etched on each nib.

Certified “Eco-Mark” sustainable in Japan, the barrel is made of more than 85% recycled plastic. Winner of 2014 Good Design Award. 

Dimensions: (Ø)0.5" x (L)6.7"
Nib: Extra Fine / Fine / Medium
Ink: Black

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