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Limited Edition Print A3 (BIENVENUE STUDIOS)

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An A3-size limited edition print of various natural forms by Bienvenue Studios of Switzerland.

Using FSC-certified sustainable paper, the symbolic motifs are printed using Risograph, a chemical-free process that brings out luminosity in colors. 

Each motif has been chosen and presented with intention, revealing a story summarized as below (find the whole story on the studio site online): 

  • Riverstones - A radiant stone found in Yangze river, a living Chinese legend.
  • Morbid Being - A goldfish resembling a peony flower, one of the highest form of aesthetics in China.
  • Iridescence- A beetle, nature’s living jewel and talisman.
  • Viewing Stone - A stone that carries a soul, which also reveals the viewer’s.
  • Pacific Marks - A stone marked by the passing of time and its inhabitants.
  • Sun Fluttering - A butterfly, the wonder of nature with many metaphors.

Dimensions: (W)11.7” x (H)16.5 (A3)
Paper: FSC-certified Natural Paper / 200 g/m2
Edition: 100 for Morbid Being N°1 and Pacific Marks N° 3 / 200 for others
Printing: Risograph in Switzerland