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Market Tote Botanical / TEMBEA

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A plant-dyed market tote; Dark Indigo is dyed with indigo, Stain is tie-dyed with indigo, Tannin is dyed with a tannin solution used in tanning leather. Since each item is washed by hand to create nuances in shading, the finished product may vary from piece to piece.

The Tannin totes have repair marks made after dyeing (examples are photographed). We ask that you place your order with this in mind.

Dimension: (W)14.5" x (H)14" x (D)5.7" / (W)37 x (H)36 x (D)14.5cm
Material: Vegetable dyed canvas 
Made in Japan

Also available: Baguette Tote / Market Tote 

TEMBEA is a bag brand founded in 2004.
Each bag is designed with a unique purpose. Some bags are designed especially to carry a baguette, other for toys, newspaper, textbooks, vegetables and so on. 
Many of TEMBEA bags are made of special cotton canvas that has been treated with paraffin, a type of wax that repels water. The yarn is made of durable combed cotton fibers. Because it's woven with an old-fashioned shuttle loom, which has been used for about 50 years, the canvas has a solid selvedge edge. 

TEMBEA means “Wandering”. The brand aims to make long lasting & timeless products which you'd want to carry around wherever you go.