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Moji Incese Holder (MIWA NEISHI)

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One-of-a-kind ceramic incense holders by Miwa Neishi, a New York based artist. Each one is handmade and is inspired by Moji, a letter or character in Japanese. 

Measurements: approximately (W)1.5-2" x (H)2" x (D)0.5" 


Miwa has worked with multi-media installations, Japanese traditional art and site-specific public art projects in both Japan and U.S. Throughout her study she was inspired to seek the connection between East and West, and find the link between diverse cultures.

After getting involved in the local art scenes in NYC, she started focusing on functional artworks - evolved as “Moji Vase” series, inspired by the practice of calligraphy and abstract expressionism. Miwa's artworks are recently exhibited at Alison Bradley Projects in Chelsea NY, and also exhibited and sold in Noguchi Museum Shop, as well as selected stores in the U.S., Japan and in France.