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3 in 1 Multi Pen (PENCO)

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This is a smart looking multi-function pen by penco. It is surprisingly slim, while still having the three functions of a red and black ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil.

The brass body and matte coating give it a luxurious finish. In addition, a plaid knurled ring is placed in the center to prevent slipping. It is a simple yet functional accent that gives a sense of beauty. The slim body of this multi-pen is perfect for carrying around.

Inside the cap is an eraser, which comes in handy. A specially designed package reminds you nostalgic and retro American graphic design. 

High quality ballpoint pens are popular as gifts. We hope that people other than penco fans will pick up this gem. 

Package: (W)6" x (H)1" x (D)1"
Body: φ0.5" x (H)5.1"
Material: powder coated brass
Made in Japan 

The pen includes oil-based ballpoint pen 0.5mm (black, red) and pencil lead 0.5mm (B)
Compatible with 4C standard (φ2.3 x 67mm) refills from other manufactures.