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Neon Sign Keychain Movie (NEW RETRO)

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A keychain in the form of a miniature retro neon sign by Hightide.

Hightide Japan has produced a variety of goods for the feature film "The God of Cinema (Kinema no Kamisama)", celebrating the 100th anniversary of Shochiku Films. The keychain is a homage to cinematography, or kinema, in short, the term used back in the days.

The mini LED light box in red reads "Now Playing" and the one in blue reads "New Kinema." Powered by 3 LR44 alkaline batteries.  

Package: (W)4.5" x (H)3.7" x (D)0.8"
Body: (W)2" x (H)1.1" x (D)0.7"
Chain: (L)1.8"

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