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One of several posters for the project "Lockdown Lockup" created by The Printer’s Devil, a wood-block printing and letterpress studio based in London. The posters are created in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic "lockdown," with "lockup" of hand-set type that is "locked in place" to be printed on the press.

NEW WORLD poster is among a series of collaborations between the Printer’s Devil and invited creatives, this one being Yuichi Munehiro, the owner of Hightide Store DTLA! Yuichi invites you to add your own thoughts and drawings to the poster, for an opportunity to create a truly original time capsule.

Poster reads: What Do You Want The NEW WORLD To Be?  "AFTER CORONA"  

In their words: Each work is a future souvenir of this strange and uncertain time. Inspired by and made during ‘lock down’ in London 2020. All the work is made in Isolation.

Dimension: (W)17.7" x (H)25"

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