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Obscure Socks/ Women’s/ PRUNUS

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A pair of women’s ankle socks made of organic cotton by OBSCURE SOCKS Japan.

The low gauge knit fabric has been dyed naturally from food and vegetable scraps. Secure fit ensured by the largely knit heel.

One Size fits most: 23-25 cm / 6-9"
Material: Linen, Polyester, Polyurethane 
Package size: (W)4.5” x (H)11" x (D)1.3”

Made in Japan.

OBSCURE SOCKS is a collaboration between Hightide and Go Fujito, the creative behind the menswear brand FUJITO. Using the names of plants and flowers as inspiration, OBSCURE SOCKS brings socks for both men and women that would fit various scenes and styles regardless of age or sex.