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OEM Incense (Hinoki)

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OEM Hinoki incense with a deeply calming blend of warm and sweet Japanese cypress (Hinoki), sandalwood (Byakudan), and cedar (Sugi).

The fragrance when paired with meditation can create the sensation of shinrinyoku (forest bathing); submerging yourself in the atmosphere of the forest to achieve a sensory connection that elevates mood and helps reduce anxiety. The rich, high quality fragrance of the Hinoki wood is known to calm the nervous system and slow down heart rates. The ritual of lighting incense provides a meditative reset — an opportunity to find peace and clarity, and to purify the mind and body.

Awaji Island incense are made from traditional methods with the skill and pride of the koh-shi (incense master). The superior quality comes from the highest grade ingredients and prized fragrant woods that have been used in formulas dating back hundreds of years.

Made in Japan

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