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Omamamori stickers by a LA based artist, Shizuka Kusayanagi

Three different talismans featuring Shizuka's original paintings; A holographic blue "(Untitled) Talk to Me.", a glittery green "(Untitled) Surrendered." and a glittery purple "(Untitled) Treasure."

The sticker was inspired by the traditional "omamori" lucky charms, which resemble small fabric bags filled with paper prayers. I made a playful tribute to the charms I grew up with, creating waterproof portable stickers that can be carried anywhere or attached to your favorite objects.

Japanese shrines have historically offered a number of charms that individuals can use to manifest a range of purposes, such as luck in finding love, protection from harm, scholastic success, or good wealth. “o! ma ma mo ri" お魔守り translates to magical lucky charm and protection from evil spirits. 

May it bring you peace, good luck and healing!

Dimensions: 2.5” x 3.25”
Photos by Shizuka Kusayanagi