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Pad Notebook / A5 (SIKIGU)

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The Pad Notebook series was named after how it's designed - it allows you easily peel off each page like a memo pad. At the same time, the perfect recipe of glue makes it easy to open the notebook flat. 
What is even more unique is that the paper does not fall out when used as a notebook, but when a clean sheet of paper is needed, it can be easily peeled off from the notebook like a memo pad. 

There are two types; plain and gridded paper. The gridded notebook comes in black, white, or red cover and the plain notebook comes in gray or brown cover. 

A great hybrid of a notebook and memo pad in A5 size. 

A5 Dimension: 
5.83 x 8.27" / 148 × 210 mm 

Also available in A4

Made in Japan