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Paper Container/ Postcard

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A hand-made postcard-size paper container treated with persimmon juice and wax coating by Stack Containers

The method of using persimmon dyes on home goods, furnitures and apparels has been prevalent in Japan for over twelve centuries. The tannin inside the astringent, unripe persimmon fruit creates a durable surface that is water-, bug-, and rot-resistant. In the hands of paper artist Takeaki Kawaida, the natural-dyed paper is constructed into a sturdy, one-of-a-kind showpiece. From archiving artwork, photos and memorabilia to storing food, cutlery or toys, the containers stop time for its contents inside while aging beautifully outside.

Dimension: (W)6.9" x (H)5.5" x (D)4.3"

Made in Kagoshima, Japan.


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