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Paper Fan (Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten)

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These Paper Fans come with the Japanese good luck motifs of Daruma Doll / Kokeshi Doll /  Mt.Fuji / Maneki Cat / Medetai. 

The Uchiwa fans have been used at old imperial palace since the Asuka period, 592 AD – 710 AD. The Uchiwa with the lucky charms have been made by the artisans in Kyoto and were also called "Kyo" ( Kyoto ) uchiwa or "Gosho" ( royal court ) uchiwa. 

Made with Paper and Bamboo

Dimension: H 15.5" x W 22" 

About Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten 

Founded in 1585 in Omi Hachiman, Nishikawa Shoroku Shoten, which has been in business for about 400 years since the Azuchi-Momoyama period, is what we now call a "select store”.

As an Omi merchant, they carried only "good things" from all over Japan in Osaka and Edo (Tokyo).

Photo by Yudai Emmei