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PAPERSKY magazine #38 trail issue on Oregon.

Oregon is a Western US town very different than its neighbors to the South (LA & San Francisco) and North (Seattle). In Oregon people have realized what is for many an idealistic lifestyle- a place where individuals are inspired and energized by both nature and the city. This unique mentality has turned Oregon into a mecca for Trail Running;  a hybrid sport that blends running with nature. To give us an inside look into Trail Running and Oregon we hit the trails with Ultra Runner Hal Koerner. Hal has been named one of the top 10 ultra-runners in the US for the past seven years.

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PAPERSKY magazine was born from a concept of being a door to the world and a means to journey within oneself. A bilingual magazine in Japanese and English, each issue delves into PAPERSKY team's personal journeys taken on foot or bicycle, finding historic trails and beaten paths, tasting food harvested locally, listening to the stories of inhabitants of the land and sea... taking you on an adventure on 'Spaceship Earth'.