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PAPERSKY magazine #47 issue on San Francisco, theme "good company".

On this issue:
PAPERSKY travels to San Francisco with a good friend and owner of Landscape Products, Shinichiro Nakahara, to discover how companies are moving beyond the philosophy of creating products purely for the sake of profit. A lot of companies are focusing on giving birth to well made and designed goods and services that form a healthy and wholesome community. We have decided to label these companies 'Good Companies'.

PAPERSKY magazine was born from a concept of being a door to the world and a means to journey within oneself. A bilingual magazine in Japanese and English, each issue delves into PAPERSKY team's personal journeys taken on foot or bicycle, finding historic trails and beaten paths, tasting food harvested locally, listening to the stories of inhabitants of the land and sea... taking you on an adventure on 'Spaceship Earth'.