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PAPERSKY magazine issue #51 on Upstate NY, theme "farm & table".

Balanced Living at Its Best
When most of us think of New York our immediate thoughts likely conjure up images of the Manhattan skyline, or the hipsters of Brooklyn. We may also think of folks rushing about, honking taxis, sliced Pizza, late night concerts and crowded subways. But travel just 1 to 2 hours North or 'Upstate' of the 'Big Apple' and you'll find 'Real Apples' growing from real trees. You'll also discover many small farms, run by 'hip' young women and sometimes men growing fresh food and selling their high quality produce to small restaurants usually run by ex-New York City chefs seeking fresher pastures and greener air. 

PAPERSKY magazine was born from a concept of being a door to the world and a means to journey within oneself. A bilingual magazine in Japanese and English, each issue delves into PAPERSKY team's personal journeys taken on foot or bicycle, finding historic trails and beaten paths, tasting food harvested locally, listening to the stories of inhabitants of the land and sea... taking you on an adventure on 'Spaceship Earth'.